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Summer is upon us, and if you live in Southern California and not right by the beach, you know you’ll probably be using your air conditioning system consistently for the next few months. High energy bills are something we’ve all been very familiar with. Perhaps it even leads you not to use your HVAC system and just suffer, to save money. Have you ever noticed that one room in the house never cools down, while another is too cold to stay in? This is a sign that your house might not be properly insulated – and air, whether cool...

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Top 5 Signs You’re In Need of A Professional Attic Cleaning

We are committed to improving our client’s everyday lives by simply balancing and adjusting their homes indoor air while reducing energy, and saving energy along the way. During the warm summer months, your living space no longer needs to feel as if your outdoors. Winter does not need to feel like it’s a blizzard either. Advanced Attic Solution will make sure the air quality and temperature are comfortable throughout the year, and making sure your HVAC unit is not overworking. Our specialist has the experience, knowledge, and skill to help you find cost-effective solutions so you can enjoy your...

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How Your House Loses Heat

Keeping a roof over your head does a lot more than protect you from rainfall. It’s the main way your house traps heat inside. But even with the best, top of the line roof, you’re still going to lose some heat or air every now and then. When your home is losing heat and air, it’s also losing energy and money. So how does it get out? And how do you stop it? We’re here to shed a little light on the situation. Through The Roof! A good portion of your home’s heat loss happens through the roof. 25%...

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Top Seven Most Common Roof Repairs And Their Causes

A good roof is a must for any home. It protects the entire structure and keeps your heating and air indoors where you want it. A good roof should last anywhere from 20 years to an entire lifetime, depending on the materials and maintenance. But when you have problems with your roof, it isn’t long before you begin to have problems with your insulation. These are the top seven most common problems resulting in needed roof repairs and why they should be tended to sooner rather than later. Leaks Aside from the fact that you probably didn’t want a...

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Radiant Barriers

Holy innovation, Batman! Home insulation isn’t as cut and dry as you might think. No, from the different types of insulation on the market to the climate and regulations in your area, a lot of thought goes into – and rightfully so – your insulation choices. If you live in the sunnier part of the region, you may think ‘Eh, I don’t need insulation. It’s always 75 degrees and sunny!’  Well, true. It’s a more moderate climate which means pretty easy winters (be honest, native Southern Californians, do you even know what cold is?) a little bit of rain,...

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